A Lady's Choice: Gat Rimon

There is just something about Paris, France that attracts a woman. It speaks of romance, spontaneity, beauty, and most importantly - fashion. What more could she possibly ask for? Well... maybe a perfectly crafted latte to sip on at one of its street corners, but that's besides the point!

We want to bring that uniqueness to you and Gat Rimon is just the ticket. They've somehow incorporated all the great things about that magical city into their brand and the results are nothing short of lovely. With its breezy tops and stunning pattens, this French brand is sure to make you feel as if you just stepped off the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower in time to make a croque-monsieur date. Okay, okay, maybe we are being a little stereotypical, but we can't help but get googly-eyed for Gat Rimon. They've got this "je ne sais quoi" about them that will make you feel like a lady. Whether you're slipping into our Santos Dress to go out on a lunch date with your girlfriends or wearing the Adria Top with your favorite skinnies to that bar you've been wanting to try, you'll be sure to feel effortlessly chic and beautiful. And that's "une promesse" we can keep. 


Lexie Bell