Rogue Territory

So, what is it that really makes a man? Is it the places he’s gone? The risks he’s taken? The adventures he’s carved out? Because, if we’re being honest, those sort of things cannot truly be measured. So how does one show such things? How does one wear them with pride? How does one mark their territory? Well, Rogue Territory has a bit of an answer for that. Believing that their denim has the ability to withhold a story, Rogue Territory strives to create beautiful handmade pieces that can journey along with their wearer wherever he is taken. The more the wear, the more unique the story.

Since its beginning in Los Angeles, CA in 2008, Rogue Territory has been committed to creating quality handcrafted goods to its customers, cherishing artisans and their ability to master detail in an individual item. Here at Chrome Yellow Trading Company, we are more than proud to offer such an amazing product for our customers.

So, go ahead. Throw on a pair for yourself! Take that hike! Have a drink! Ride that bike! Tackle that bear! Your Rogue Territory will be more than happy to document each moment of your journey along the way.