Stumptown Coffee + Chrome Yellow

One of the things we are most excited about is partnering Stumptown Coffee. We've been training hard, and drinking lots of coffee. Cant wait to share a cup with friends and neighbors real soon. 

new shop.

Excited to share some new shop progress with you all. Be on the lookout for our grand opening updates! 

F/W14 Men's Lookbook

We recently took a weekend trip up to Ellijay, GA. We stayed right on the river, enjoyed the cool mountain air, a campire, our favorite games, and most importantly, good friends. Oh, and we also took a few photos featuring our Fall collection as well!

Life After Denim / Raleigh Denim

Pendleton Portland Collection / Raleigh Denim

Deus Ex Machina / Rogue Territory

Raleigh Denim

Frausto & Co.

Rogue Territory / Raleigh Denim / Pendleton Portland Collection

Rogue Territory / Pendleton Portland Collection

Rogue Territory

Rogue Territory / Raleigh Denim / Pendleton Portland Collection

Photos by Jamie Hopper

Westside Pop-Up Shop: Let The Good Times Roll

We're excited to be a part of the community in Atlanta's Westside Provisions District for this holiday season! We have partnered with our good friend David Kowalski, from Brick + Mortar. We'll be in the neighborhood through December 24th, so make sure you stop by to shop, hang out, and as always, play some ping pong!

We are also excited to announce that we will be having our 1-year anniversary party in the space on Saturday, December 13th. We will be releasing more details soon, but go ahead and mark your calendars! We're so excited to see everyone!

Photos by Chad McCroskey

Rogue Territory

So, what is it that really makes a man? Is it the places he’s gone? The risks he’s taken? The adventures he’s carved out? Because, if we’re being honest, those sort of things cannot truly be measured. So how does one show such things? How does one wear them with pride? How does one mark their territory? Well, Rogue Territory has a bit of an answer for that. Believing that their denim has the ability to withhold a story, Rogue Territory strives to create beautiful handmade pieces that can journey along with their wearer wherever he is taken. The more the wear, the more unique the story.

Since its beginning in Los Angeles, CA in 2008, Rogue Territory has been committed to creating quality handcrafted goods to its customers, cherishing artisans and their ability to master detail in an individual item. Here at Chrome Yellow Trading Company, we are more than proud to offer such an amazing product for our customers.

So, go ahead. Throw on a pair for yourself! Take that hike! Have a drink! Ride that bike! Tackle that bear! Your Rogue Territory will be more than happy to document each moment of your journey along the way.

A Lady's Choice: Gat Rimon

There is just something about Paris, France that attracts a woman. It speaks of romance, spontaneity, beauty, and most importantly - fashion. What more could she possibly ask for? Well... maybe a perfectly crafted latte to sip on at one of its street corners, but that's besides the point!

We want to bring that uniqueness to you and Gat Rimon is just the ticket. They've somehow incorporated all the great things about that magical city into their brand and the results are nothing short of lovely. With its breezy tops and stunning pattens, this French brand is sure to make you feel as if you just stepped off the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower in time to make a croque-monsieur date. Okay, okay, maybe we are being a little stereotypical, but we can't help but get googly-eyed for Gat Rimon. They've got this "je ne sais quoi" about them that will make you feel like a lady. Whether you're slipping into our Santos Dress to go out on a lunch date with your girlfriends or wearing the Adria Top with your favorite skinnies to that bar you've been wanting to try, you'll be sure to feel effortlessly chic and beautiful. And that's "une promesse" we can keep. 


Lexie Bell

The Local Roll

Gather 'round kiddos for we have an event for the ages!!! Chrome Yellow Trading Co. and The Spindle ATL will be joining forces to form the most radical Shop Voltron known to man!! Join us Sunday 4/13 for The Local Roll, a bike ride from The Spindle to Chrome Yellow and back for a plethora of games in addition to raffling off goodies from our sponsors to benefit The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition!! So grab your bike and meet us for a Sunday ride filled with wonder and whimsey!!!